How well do you know your customers?

Although I have spoken by phone and email to most of our customer contacts over the last year, I have yet to meet everyone face to face. However, there is a good chance that if our customers have been to an Ulster Rugby match at The Kingspan, they will have seen me, even if they don’t realise it is me! I am the guy that stands at the front door of the Kukri shop keeping an eye on customers coming and going.

In a way this role is a million miles from my role as Service Delivery Lead at Leaf but there are some aspects of the two jobs that go hand in hand. The Kukri role is very customer focused as I am the first staff member people meet on the way in and it’s my job to answer all sorts of questions from “do you do cash back?” to “where can I get a programme?” to “where’s the latest rugby top?”

It can get really busy on a match night especially when it’s an 18K sell out so there are times when it gets so busy in store that we have to close the door to let people out before more can get in!

I really enjoy my role at Kukri which certainly provides me with lots of fun but it definately enhances my skill set for working as the Service Delivery Lead at Leaf, where communicating effectively with customers is key!

Come and visit me at the Kukri shop next time you are at a game!
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