Hosted Voice - It's time to make the switch

Is your business still on a traditional phone line? Now is the right time to think about switching to a cloud communication system. Hosted Voice is a great option. Phone systems hosted in the cloud mean you can make calls over the internet rather than by traditional phone lines.




“My package wasn’t delivered”

By Colin Patton | Jul 4, 2017

It happens more and more often these days, an email comes into your mailbox that looks genuine advising you that a certain courier had attempted to deliver your parcel, but that you weren’t in. They either attach a PDF form or ask you to click a link to reschedule. What…

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Webinar on-demand: Ensuring a complete security solution

By Rachael Weir | Jun 22, 2017

IT Security is more challenging than ever. IT departments need security solutions that are effective and easy to manage. Register for this webinar and learn how cloud-managed security can offer complete protection for your organisation. Watch the webinar recording below:

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Office365 – How could we live without it?

By Colin Patton | Jun 20, 2017

Office365, particularly Exchange Online has been around for several years. It’s easy to take it for granted as more and more apps move to the cloud and Microsoft offerings increase. But really, how would we live without it? No, I’m not going to get all philosophical – I’m looking at…

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Using a Mac? Think you’re safe from Malware?

By Justin Archer | Jun 14, 2017

Using a Mac? Think you’re safe enough from Malware? It may appear silly by name, but it’s surely not silly by nature… say hello, or hopefully not, to MacSpy. This is a new piece of Malware that has been specifically designed for Apple computers, and is very smart in what…

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Discover and stop zero-day and other unknown attacks.

By Rachael Weir | Jun 5, 2017

What is a zero-day threat? A zero-day vulnerability refers to a hole in software that is unknown to the vendor. This security hole is then exploited by hackers before the vendor becomes aware and hurries to fix it -this exploit is called a zero day attack.

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Orchestrating your disaster recovery plan with Azure Site Recovery

By Rachael Weir | May 8, 2017

Simple, automated protection and disaster recovery in the cloud

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Collaborating with Office 365

By Eve Boardman | Apr 11, 2017

Give your team instant access to everything they need to collaborate effectively and all their content, tools and conversations right within Office 365 with Groups and Teams.

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4 Key Capabilities of Dynamics 365 for Sales

By Rachael Weir | Mar 9, 2017

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales empowers sellers with the insight, guidance and tools to drive personal engagement with their customers.

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Sell Effectively with Dynamics 365

By Rachael Weir | Mar 8, 2017

Your customers know more than ever before, and are making buying decisions before you can even engage. With all of this information available to customers, your sales team must adapt to the new customer journey.

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