Cybercrime – the threat of the internet!

The internet has been the most innovating and far-reaching transformation for decades now and has allowed us to stay in touch with family and colleagues in ways never dreamed of. However, never has it posed as big a threat as it does today.

Cybercrime was seen as the concern of ‘big business’ – banks, communication companies, government but this landscape has changed significantly. The threat to big business remains but the Cyber Criminal knows that breaking into ‘big business’ though rewarding is difficult and protected to a very high level. Hence the change in landscape – why not go after small business, demand less money but with such a repeatable business – target many and glean similar income.

We all still need to have a good firewall protecting our internet gateway and end point protection on our devices, computers etc but this is no longer enough. We must now look at a multi-faceted, multi-product approach to protect ourselves from the internet – sending and receiving emails and attachments, browsing the internet, storing documents in the cloud and more.

On top of all of this – we must make those who use the computers and devices more alert to the threats and what they pose.