When is a disaster not a disaster?

Many of us will be familiar with it, that gut wrenching feeling that comes when you realise that you accidentally deleted an important file or folder. Disaster might seem like too strong a word, but depending on what’s missing it might just be right. Taking the long walk to your director’s office to tell them you have lost all the company accounts from 2015 is not what any of us want to be doing. Having a good backup procedure for your infrastructure is vital, especially with the recent rise in cyber-attacks. There are many options to consider when thinking about backups. What needs to be backed up? How often do I want to keep backups for to enable disaster recovery? Do I need to have a copy stored offsite in case of fire etc? The days when a backup tape was ejected and popped into somebody’s brief case to take home for night are gone (although I’m sure there are still a few tape backups out there.)

Some of the standard solutions include backing up to USB drive or NAS (Network Attached Storage).  The USB option allows you to take a copy offsite and the NAS allows for multiple copies depending on space.  Backing up data to the cloud is on the rise.  Using technologies such as Veeam and Microsoft Azure we can store entire copies of your servers and data in the cloud.   Another option is to have space in a DR (Disaster Recovery) site.  Your live servers would be replicated on a timed basis so that if the worst happened and your offices were not accessible you could make use of the copies hosted elsewhere. Ideally the best backup scenarios would take features from all of the above – USB/NAS/Cloud and DR.  You may think this is overkill and in certain cases where there are less users in a company that might be true.  We can tailor your backup solution to meet your needs.  Our sales team can arrange an audit of your current backup procedures and make suggestions to bolster what is there or replace to bring you up to date.  If you would like to discuss your current backup solution, please do not hesitate to contact us.

When is a disaster not a disaster?  When you’ve got a disaster recovery plan! Leaf can provide you with a free disaster recovery assessment to ensure you’re business is protected in the event of a disaster.

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