Empower your mobile workforce with Leaf and Microsoft

The way work is getting done is changing forever and there is no doubt that the modern workforce is evolving. Job responsibilities are being met at home, at client locations and in public spaces such as coffee shops and transportation. Even office workspaces are evolving with the increase of ‘hot-desking’ and breakout areas. Work happens anywhere, anytime and new solutions are making it all possible.

Whether it’s having access to an entire set of company data and documents on a mobile device via the cloud or using a virtual desktop to bring the office desk experience with you – technology is constantly pushing the way we work to become more efficient and productive. For the employee it means better work/life balance and job satisfaction and for the employer it means more productive staff and a more efficient business.

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Gone are the days of issuing the same corporate PC. Now that your team can work from anywhere, providing your team members with the right technology to achieve maximum productivity has become a little trickier. One size no longer fits all.

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Businesses need to ask themselves the following questions:

  • Do each of my employees have the right device or devices for their various roles and responsibilities?
  • Has our technology been refreshed to enable better productivity and security?
  • Are employees invigorated by the latest devices, designed for the way they work?
  • Does our technology support the modern workplace?

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Contact us to explore these questions and discover how Microsoft technology paired with Leaf’s solutions and services can help you to empower your mobile workforce.