Businesses at Risk from Email Fraudsters

There as been a continued rise recently in financial email scams, some of which have resulted in significant financial loss for individuals and businesses in the UK. Due to the level of sophistication these scams can be increasingly difficult to spot.

Fraudsters posing as company bosses

False emails are being received by staff in the finance department of businesses requesting that they transfer money urgently. These emails appear to come from senior management and due to the use of special software they can appear quite genuine. If funds are transferred it goes directly into a bank account set up by the fraudsters.

Fraudsters posing as solicitors

Solicitor practices in Northern Ireland have been targeted in an elaborate scam where fraudsters posing as solicitors target their clients via email. Clients receive an email from their solicitors office advising that money is due along with bank details. If the client transfers the funds it can prove extremely difficult to reconcile the loss once they are aware they have been targeted.

Increased vigilance is vital in order to protect your businesses and clients from these potentially devastating scams.

  • See any urgent requests for funds as a potential scam
  • Ensure your email passwords are robust
  • Consider if any of the language used in received emails is unusual
  • Do not reply to an email if you have any suspicion it could be a scam
  • Do not readily open attachments from suspicious mail items
  • Do not use contact details provided in suspicious mail items

If you have any questions or are concerned that your business has been targeted by email fraud please don’t hesitate to contact us and have a chat with a Leaf expert.

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