GDPR and Email: How to tackle the risk in your inbox

Less than 50 percent of organisations impacted by GDPR are expected to fully comply by 25th May so it’s important you take the steps you can towards compliance.

Whether you run email on-premises, in the cloud or a hybrid of the two, unstructured and distributed email data, which is personal by its very nature, can be difficult to manage. It’s also the number one channel of attacks (over 90 percent of cyber-attacks beginning with email)

But.. with the right approach, it is a relatively simple aspect of GDPR risk to minimise.

If you missed our recent webinars on the subject watch the below webinar:

“GDPR and Email: How to tackle the risk in your inbox” hosted by Mimecast Chief Trust Officer and Data Protection Officer Marc French, to learn:

  • Critical areas of GDPR risk in email
  • How to defend email systems and protect data in the face of spiraling attacks
  • Why having the right archive and backup strategy in important
  • The importance of a business continuity plan for email

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Find out more about Leaf’s GDPR advice and solutions to assist with compliance here: