Hosted Voice

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Phone systems hosted in the cloud for flexibility, cost saving and powerful call management features.

Leaf offers a complete cloud communication system for your business, giving you flexibility and complete control over your telephone systems.

Hosted Voice telephone systems provide businesses with an extensive range of communication capabilities and benefits:

Hosted Voice Highlights

Flexible Working

Take and manage calls not only from your desk phone but over mobile and computer too.

Reduce Costs

Reduce hardware and benefit from automatic maintenence and upgrades.

Multi-site Deployment

Shows snippets of all new or trending information on the site with slick and simple navigation.

Business Continuity

Keep people connected even if in different locations or if something unexpected happens.


Scale your system alongside your business. Connect multiple sites as and when you need to.

Great Call Features

Forwarding, transfer, voicemail, group searching, local presence and more.

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