I won’t get hacked – I have a great password!

The password. Once upon it time it was a word used to gain entry into a place. In modern times the password is an everyday essential. Take a moment to think how many applications, websites and portals that you use a password for. From online banking through to email and online grocery shopping – passwords are everywhere.

It is vital that your password is complex and secure. Cybercrime is unfortunately a booming business and to defend yourself and your business it is important to adopt security measures such as firewall, malware protection, mutli-factor authentication to name a few. Having a strong password is something that is quite easy to do yet often overlooked.

There are different schools of thought behind picking a password, the number of characters, the use of special characters and numbers etc. It must be memorable to the user to ensure they don’t forget it on a daily basis but the idea is to make it hard for a hacker to guess.

Here’s some tips:


  1. Stay away from things like Password or Password:1
  2. Your password shouldn’t be something easily distinguished as personal to you, phone number, address, special dates etc.
  3. Picking two random words that would seemingly have no connection and adding special characters would be a good base.
  4. There are some sites that will not allow special characters, you will need to consider this when choosing your password and amend accordingly.
  5. Now that you have your base password you should not use this for all your accounts. It can be overwhelming to have to keep track of different passwords for different log in’s, but it can save quite a bit of heartache down the line. If a hacker was able to get into your email account with your password they could try the same password for your banking etc.
  6. Multi-factor authentication is becoming more common place with users needing a password and a randomly generated code or an app on a smartphone to verify a log in. This is an extra level of security and in today’s world is becoming standard practice.

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