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Leaf's technology solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of organisations across a wide range of industry sectors. 


Leaf have a proven track record of assisting legal firms to transform their practice with technology. We understand the confidential nature of this industry and regulatory requirements necessary. 

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Retail and Consumer Goods

Our retail and consumer goods solutions will gather information on the daily operation of your business. Analysis of the information gathered leads to business intelligence that results in increased profitability.

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Optimising your technology to tackle cyber-security, enhance inter-agency collaboration and encourage economic and social growth. Leaf pride themselves on being an extension to your IT team throughout every project.

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Financial and Professional

We have worked with many financial and professional organisations and understand the complex processes and sensitive nature of the sector. Our solutions can help you to streamline operations and protect customer data.  

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Not for Profit

In a sector where public funding has become even more limited, we search the marketplace for vendor donations and cost effective solutions to drive costs down but allow not for profits to achieve their goals.

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Communications and Media

Due to the dynamic workloads of the communications and media sector, Leaf develop solutions to automate daily tasks and processes that allow employees to operate in a fast-paced environment. 

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