Kids and IT

Each Tuesday we will be hearing from one of the Tech Team for our series of blogs, ‘Tech Tuesdays’. Today it’s Colin Bennett, Infrastructure Specialist at Leaf.


by Colin Bennett, Infrastructure Specialist

Now in my mid-30’s, I grew up with stories of how the previous generation remember things like television, phones and even electricity coming into their homes. I just couldn’t imagine a life without those those things as I played computer games on my state of the art ZX Spectrum. Already, with two small children, I know I will be able to tell them about how I remember when people started carrying mobile phones and when the internet was born.

My five- year old has been a smartphone tablet expert for years! He has his section sorted out on Netflix with all his favourite shows and it is an expectation that these things are available at a second’s notice imageswithout any delays. He was in school a matter of weeks when he arrived home bursting to tell me that he had been in the computer suite that day and that he had had his own login name and password and everything. I did threaten to contact the school to see who was in charge of IT security when he informed me that both username and password were his first name but my wife convinced me not to by pointing out that his first name was the only word that he could spell!

My ten-month old already knows that when he is lucky enough to get his hands on the iPhone, he has to press the ‘magic’ button to make the screen light up. I’m almost sure I caught him trying to swipe the screen the other day! Fantastic, isn’t it… eh, no!!

Try telling that to my tablet, where when I wonder why the touch screen isn’t as responsive as it once was and start to investigate, I find that it is down to the layer of ‘stickiness’ spread across it that can only be attributed to the multi-tasking of eating a bowl of fruit and watching ‘Lego City’ videos on YouTube.

I’m not sure that there is a toy that Santa and his Elves could produce that will ever be more exciting to a 10- month old than my smartphone. He doesn’t even know it’s smart… or a phone, he just knows that in a house full of toys, that it is the ‘toy’ that he wants to get his hands on and ultimately drool on and then throw on the ground. It’s fine though – it’s only a work phone, just as long as the boss doesn’t find out!