Meet the modern workforce..

There is no doubt that the modern workforce is evolving. With this evolution it is vital that businesses question the technology they equip their employees with to ensure that it supports their roles and responsibilities. 

Getting the most from the modern workforce requires arming them with mobile technology so they can find new ways of serving customers. One size no longer fits all when it comes to providing your team members with devices for their jobs. By matching your employees with the following workforce personas you can start to decide on the best technology to achieve maximum productivity.

Let’s meet the modern workforce:


From boardroom to client meeting and airport lounge, these fast moving employees demand access to people, programs and data from anywhere. You need to power their productivity with portability and connectivity.


These users spend most of their time away from the office. They must turn home environments or other remote locations like coffee shops into productive work spaces. You need to give them the ability to be self-sufficient with the right technology.


These users spend most of their day in a designated workspace. Create a space that lets them feel comfortable and work more efficiently. Set them free to multitask and maximise productivity – both at their desk and away from it.


These users spend most of their day moving about the building. They want to seamlessly transition from desk to meeting room. You need to give them the tools they need to present, share and connect wherever they are.


A percentage of your workforce may have specified needs that demand specialised technology such as designers, architects or engineers.

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