Microsoft is empowering the digital transformation with UK datacentres.

The Microsoft Cloud is now available from multiple data centre locations in the UK. Microsoft Azure and Office 365 being available from UK datacenters (Dynamics CRM Online to follow in 2017) empowers the digital transformation of businesses and public sector organisations, helping them increase productivity while meeting compliance and policy requirements meaning: 

  • World class reliability
  • Increased performance
  • Data residency to government departments, regulated industries and businesses.

Built on Microsoft’s trusted Cloud principles of security, privacy, complicance, transparency and availability, this creates new opportunites for innovation with the intent to spark local economic growth and to support local technology advancement.

Microsoft’s secure and transparent cloud service in the UK fits perfectly with the digital transformation businesses are moving towards, ensuring they are better placed in our ever-evolving digital first world.

Cindy Rose, Chief Executive of Microsoft UK said:

“We’re delighted to see such growing demand for Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics CRM Online from our new data centres in the UK. We’ve been part of the UK’s tech landscape for over 30 years and we’re proud of the way this country leads the world in embracing technology and new ideas. 

“With our trusted cloud now delivered locally, and our commitment to principles of security, privacy, transparency, compliance and availability we are well placed to support the digital transformation of organisations throughout the country.” 

The new cloud regions in the UK become part of one of the world’s largest, online storage infastructures, supported by more than 100 data centres globally. These hold over 30 trillion pieces of data and are backed by billions in investment. With the new UK regions, customers receive the benefits of data residency and geo-redundant data replication in multiple data centres within the country for business continuity.