Passwords: Security measures you need to take.

PASSWORDS: Security measures you need to take.

Recently there has been a rise in accounts being hacked due to very basic passwords such as Password1 being used. It is extremely important that every user in your organisation ensures they take measures to prevent this.


  • Do not use personal information. We recommend you don’t include any words related to your name, family members or pets. Don’t include numbers from your address, birthdate or phone number.
  • Passwords should be either a word or a sentence that do not relate to yourself. A password cracking tool will find that type of password difficult to hack.
    • Ex1: Use a combination of words unrelated to yourself along with a special character and numbers (example: Mountaintreeroad_742
    • Ex2: Use a sentence that you can easily remember along with a special character and numbers.
  • By combining uppercase letters with lowercase letters, numbers and special characters such as “$” or “£” you are increasing the complexity of your password.
  • Create longer passwords. Probability dicates that longer passwords are harder to crack.
  • Modify easy to remember phrases. Think of a phrase then use the first letter for each word, substituting numbers for some of the letters.
  • Use different passwords on different accounts.
  • When using your laptop or mobile device in a Wi-Fi hotspot or over a public network avoid actions that require a username or passsword (aka online banking or shopping).

Multi Factor Authentication 
Consider multi-factor authentication which is an extra layer of security. It requires more than one method of authentication when a user signs into an online account. Even if someone has your password they need to get through this for access.

Security Awareness Sessions
Leaf run cyber security awareness sessions which help communicate best practice to your employees. If you would like more information or to book one please contact us via the details below.

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