Richmond Marketing

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Richmond Marketing puts their brands first and gains competitive advantage and increased profitability.

Richmond Marketing have increased operational efficiency, gained better business intelligence and increased revenue and profitability through the implementation of our SmarterBrand solution.

Richmond Marketing is an innovative trend-spotting and consumer-focused premium brand builder. The company adds value to brand owners, providing them with the necessary tools they need to thrive in the Irish marketplace. Included in their brand portfolio are energy drinks, healthy beverages, beers, ciders, wines, spirits, cocktail mixes and healthy snacks.*


Richmond Marketing relies on having a clear picture of their brands distribution.

Aligned with the drive and objectives introduced in 2016 they needed:

  • An additional audit application so they could track and monitor information on their brands across the marketplace
  • Continued accessibility to brand data for various stakeholders
  • An ability to measure key sales drivers
  • An iPad compatible solution
  • A cost effective solution

This solution is a complete business application that captures, tracks and monitors product information across the marketplace to obtain a competitive advantage through an ability to measure key sales drivers, frequent reporting for identification of areas of opportunity and weaknesses and clear visibility of field employees performance.

"Through the implementation of SmarterBrand, Richmond Marketing is now supported by outstanding market, customer and consumer insight which underpins our decisions and strategy. The level of business insight and intelligence we now have into target consumers, customers and market trends enable us to focus sales and marketing effort, maximise return and add value for customers, allowing us to respond to a rapidly changing environment."

William Donnelly, Managing Director, Richmond Marketing.