Suspect a virus? What do you do?

“I think my machine has a virus!” – The all-encompassing term that strikes fear into the heart of any IT admin. These days there are so many types of infection, from malware and spyware through to viruses designed to encrypt important files or redirect your web browser to a certain site. The pace at which these villainous creators design and release infections is staggering and they are constantly finding ways to disguise their dreadful creations as seemingly harmless content which users will click on without even realising.

Many infections manifest themselves in the form of a pop up, you get infected and a window pops up to notify you of the infection and present either the ransom demand or make suggestions on how you can resolve. Other types can run silently in the background and you may only notice that your mouse moves without you guiding it or that certain icons on the screen look different.

If you suspect that your machine has an infection you should disconnect your network cable or disable your wireless connection right away – this will help with the spread to other computers or shares on the network. The next thing to do is to log a call with Leaf, our team of highly trained engineers will talk you through running an offline scan to check what the virus is and the level of damage caused. We will also run checks on the network shares and other network connected devices.

Depending on the results we will either get the machine reconnected to the network or (as is usually the case) we will arrange collection of the machine for a format and reinstall of the operating system. This removes any trace of the virus from the computer. If the infection is found to have spread to shared items on the network, recovery from backup will be required.

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure. This isn’t always possible with virus infections in the world of IT, but taking advantage of Leaf’s security suite will help give businesses a fighting chance. Customers can choose a multi-pronged approach including anti-virus, email security, anit-malware, firewalls and endpoint management.

If you would like to find out more or speak to us about your cyber security and how we can assist please contact us here.