The rise of the ‘Internet of Things’

Let’s hear from Leaf MD, Steven Goldblatt about the rise of the Internet of Things.

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What is the buzz surrounding the Internet of Things? 

The buzz around the IoT is what devices we will eventually connect to the internet and have access to from our mobile- the world is starting to become only an arms-length away from the consumer. The internet is all about the consumption of technology and has come a long way from the initial consumer internet device a dialup modem.

How rapid is the rise of the Internet of Things? 

This is where things are becoming breath-taking – just think about our smarter cities and the goal of a smarter planet revolving around the adoption of the IoT – sensors on kitchen equipment, sensors in your car, biochip responders in farm animals, smart thermostat systems. Where do I stop?

What are the challenges organisations face as the Internet of Things trend increases?

The IoT could very easily become the ‘Internet of Threats’ if we all do not attend to internet security and a primary focus whether in business or at home. Securing your gateway to the internet analysing the traffic that is flowing through the applications you are running on your computer is hard enough and now we are looking at sensors in your fridge, your heating system.

Tell us about the role of the cloud in the IoT?

The cloud is the datacenter of the internet. It is the key role in the success of the IoT and this is where businesses need to engage with trusted partners.

Do you think businesses are ready for the IoT and if they aren’t how can they be prepared?

I believe on the whole most businesses are ready but need to understand more and in particular how this can benefit their business as technology advances. One thing is for sure – the IoT is here to stay.

Will the need for managed services increase even more as the IoT grows?

Yes I believe it will – to give the customer an assured and stable operational expenditure.

Phone or laptop?

you can have as many devices as you please!