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Managed Cyber Security gives Worthingtons confidence that their data is protected while they concentrate on billable activities. 

Worthingtons Solicitors are an innovative law firm based in Belfast and Newtownards, Northern Ireland. They handle a wide range of personal and commercial legal services.


Worthingtons Solicitors needed a comprehensive solution to protect against the high risk of cybercrime that faces the legal industry.

The solution needed to tackle the following concerns:

  • Conveyancing Friday: The day legal firms move money for property deals is a major security concern due to the rise of whaling and spear-phishing email attacks. It is vital clients' money is protected.
  • Productivity: Legal firms time is billable therefore productivity must be maintained. There isn't time to be wasted dealing with insecure links and emails.
  • A secure network: The network must be secure so if it is attacked it will be limited to a single machine and not spread throughout the network, meaning productivity is kept up in the event of an attack.

Managed Cyber Security Solution

Secure email solution, Mimecast removed the concern of phishing, spear-phishing and whaling emails.

A multi-vendor approach at the end point device has increased protection from malware and ransomware and has restricted any future attack to a single computer.

Patch Management is now centrally managed and the end user no longer has to spend valuable time making sure updates are applied to their computer.


The positive outcome from the packaged solution is more fee-earning hours getting billed as the computers look after themselves.

"Leaf's Managed Cyber Security as a Service allows our law firm to concentrate on servicing our clients matters without the fear of data breach."

Ciaran McConnell, Partner, Worthingtons Solicitors